Cooperation and investments



Research and Development in the Field of Medicinal Plants Cultivation.



R&D cooperation of our non-profit organization Agro Grow Technology VZW with its headquarters in Belgium with the Uruguayan licensed company, producing medical, non-psychoactive cannabis. The purpose of this venture is to produce the highest quality flowers in accordance with WHO guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants.



The Agro Grow Technology VZW organization has concluded the long – term cooperation agreement with the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. The target of this project is research related to the medical cannabis plants in the pharmaceutical industry and the use of the Rotary Garden system in the cultivation of these plants.


Research - University of Hohenheim - Rotary Garden






“It is a pleasure to present again at the CannaTrade CBExpo conference in Switzerland and be wired with the European #medicalcannabis trends and the most recent advances in this blooming market.

This year, I will be glad to share the results from our experimentation with the Rotary Garden hydroponic system.

Hope to greet you in Zürich.”



Reinforcing our Commitment Through Research and Development.



With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities to provide knowledge and expand possibilities related to the new technologies and their usage in agriculture.

Investing in R&D is one of the main factors supporting the company’s activity. Thanks to the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge that we can introduce innovative solutions related to our industry. Thanks to such activities, we can increase the effectiveness of our actions.

The aim is also to acquire new knowledge with a specific practical application, as well as development work. The target is to apply existing knowledge to the development of new improvements and solutions.


Support - Agricultural Community - Rotary Garden - ResearchWe encourage to support the Agricultural Community Development Project.

Vet To Life provides economic development opportunities to communities through developing sustainable agricultural resources.




Startup Canna-Top – Investment Project.



Canna-Top is a startup company with its headquarters in Uruguay. The investment in Canna-Top includes the start up of a modular production facility with hydroponic cultivation of medical cannabis plants – from seeds to the final product – dry flowers.

The mission is to produce medical grade cannabis flowers using the advanced hydroponic technology of Rotary Garden and distribute product with unmatched quality and safety.



Research, Rotary Garden Cooperation

Research - Rotary Garden

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Research - Cooperation - Rotary Garden - Roots

Development and realization of our objectives are possible thanks to cooperation with universities, companies of the medical industry, participation in educational and scientific projects and support of investors.



We invite you to join us and build the future together.



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