Projects and Visualizations



Vision of aquaponic and hydroponic farming terraces inside future martian habitat with Rotary Garden machines:


Alternate visuals from a competition entry which won 2nd place in Mars Colony competition by Mars Society in 2019. Whole concept included technical elaboration for 20 pages and presented a base for 1000 people with extensive industrial and technical areas. Project done by teams Space is More, Project Scorpio and SKN MOS from Wrocław, Poland.

Project team members: Joanna Kuźma, Natalia Ćwilichowska, Katarzyna Lis, Sławek Malkowski, Dariusz Szczotkowski, Szymon Łój, Orest Savytskyi, Dominik Liskiewicz, Wojciech Fikus, Jakub Nalewaj, Anna Jurga, Leszek Orzechowski, Bartosz Drozd, Paweł Górniak, Krzysztof Ratajczak, Paweł Piszko, Maciej Piorun, Amanda Solaniuk, Anna Wójcik.




Indoor facility project with hydroponic plants cultivation:


The project presents stackable installation of Rotary Garden machines. It allows to save several times the cultivation space and increase the yield per square meter.

Area of the facility: 2040 m2
Total machines: 134
Cultivation area of all machines: 3135,6 m2
Dimensions of the new Rotary Garden model with LED lighting:
Lenght: 3,4 m   Wheel diameter: 2,2 m  Width: 2,7 m
Cultivation area inside cylinder: 23,4 m2