What can we grow? Examples of plants.

Herbs, leafy lettuces, fruit plants, flowers can be easily grown in the Rotary Garden hydroponic system.



HERBS of many kinds can be grown easily with fantastic results. Most of the strains adapt well to the nutritional value, light and growing conditions provided by Rotary Garden. Specifically, the following types are findings of the huge increasing the yield of the cycle: basil and savory, mint, parsley, feverfew, oregeno, marjoram and thyme.


LETTUCE is another category of food, which is excellent growing qualities of rotating cylinders. We can grow species such as; leafy lettuce, romaine, arugula and red leaf lettuce. Usually grow best and show in large quantities. Leafy lettuce can be leafier than in conventional gardening thanks to the rotation of the cylinder.



FRUIT PLANTS with small and medium size; blueberries, strawberries, small chilli peppers, cherry tomatoes. Due to the rotation of cylinder, larger or heavier items of fruit may need to be placed or suspended, but a little tender care will go along the road. Fruits and vegetables demonstrate good growing yelds.



FLOWERS grow easily and beautifully in rotating cylinders. Large selection of annual and perennial species cause colorful flowers that last for months; marigolds, nasturtium, pansies.