Urban Agriculture and Agro Grow Technology VZW

The agriculture is a very important field of economy in the world, often unnoticed by public. Industry development in the last century has made it easier for people to access food in supermarkets. As a result, it has made farming unprofitable. Prices of industrial goods depend on the world market. Searches and new discoveries have increasingly less beneficial effects on the environment and as a result also on the quality of food produced. To give an example of the importance of nutrition should focus primarily on the data of the World Health Organization.



Non-Profit Organization – Agro Grow Technology VZW and Rotary Garden in the Field of Agriculture

Agriculture Rotary Garden - Hydroponic - Health


The aim of non-profit organization is to promote the worldwide standard of health. Referring mainly to the WHO (World Health Organization) of the United Nations. Especially in the field of food, water purification, energy and IT. The aforementioned organization is active in various sectors. On the one hand – the sector of agriculture in combination with water purification. This may be regarded as the primary activity. On the other hand – the energy sector and IT sector. These can be regarded as a supporting activity. Any gains arising from those activities are fully reinvested in research and development.

The social purpose is on an agricultural level; to develop new techniques, machines through research. Especially in the field of hydrophonic and vertical farming. This is to create the possibility of breeding plants in the most unfavorable or impossible to cultivate zones on the earth. This results in benefit for people and natural environment.


The Agro Grow Technology VZW cooperates with organizations, universities and participate in various types of educational projects. The target is to expand the knowledge and experience of the participants.



Benefits Rotary GardenA new approach that will provide vertical integration of efficient farming also in the heart of the cities; solving age old urban problems, increasing and developing vibrant, sustainable communities for the future of humanity.


Benefits Rotary GardenThe Rotary Garden hydroponics system is a new generation technology with guaranteed production, regardless of the season and climate at competitive costs.


Benefits Rotary GardenFarming in Rotary Garden reduces transportation, packaging, spoilage, pollution, water, soil erosion usage and contamination. It also reduces and eliminates use chemical fertilizers and preservatives.